Got questions?  We have answers...  
At Golden Ticket Motel, we want you to see the world in a new way. Our rooms are more than just a place to sleep. Each room has been designed by local artists and features unique themes, eye-catching designs, and quirky details. We want you to stay in a room that feels as Instagrammable as it is cozy!

How does it work?
Golden Ticket Motel works with local artists to create uniquely themed rooms inside existing motels. Each room is open for a limited time only - sometimes 3 months, sometimes 12 months.  You book a room with the motel, via the motel's Booking.com profile and get to enjoy the work and creation of the artist who created that room.  

How do I book?
At the moment, there are no rooms available to book. Sign up for our Motel Mail e-newsletter to hear about the next room.